Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LRA honors 12 Restaurant Legends at Mr. B's Bistro in New Orleans

Twelve Mr. B's staff members receive the LRA
Restaurant Legends honor for their long-time
service to the restaurant, totaling 335 years. 
Since its inception in 2006, the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) has named individuals across the state with 20 or more years of service at one establishment, Restaurant Legends. Collectively, these individuals have nearly 4,000 years of service to their places of employment, their customers and communities.

In a ceremony Monday, September 15, LRA President/CEO Stan Harris presented the Restaurant Legends honor to 12 recipients from Mr. B’s Bistro in New Orleans. With 335 combined years of service at Mr. B’s, these men and women exemplify the satisfaction of making their jobs a lifelong and rewarding career.  

Cindy Brennan, Managing Partner of Mr. B’s shares, “At Mr. B’s we are a family. We have grown up together and it is a pleasure to work with these fine men and women day after day. Their commitment and dedication have been a huge addition to our success.”

They are:
  • Stephen Archacki, waiter, employed for 29 years
  • David Boehm, maintenance manager, employed for 27 years
  • Ron Canedo, manager, employed for 22 years
  • Carlos Castillo, utility worker, employed for 30 years
  • Mitchell Dowling, receiver, employed for 28 years
  • John Charles “JC” Jackson, waiter, employed for 28 years
  • Merlene Jones, accounting/HR manager, employed for 38 years
  • Philip “Skip” Lomax, Jr., manager, employed for 33 years
  • Michelle McRaney, executive chef, employed for 22 years
  • Larry Sherman, manager, employed for 21 years
  • Jackie Washington, cook, employed for 25 years
  • Keenan White, food runner, employed for 32 years

Mr. B’s longtime General Manager Randy Stein adds, “I am honored by the commitment these individuals have to Mr. B’s Bistro. I salute them for their dedication, hard work, and their mentoring of others. Their years of loyalty and leadership have created a wonderful working environment." 

“We hope to encourage younger workers to follow the examples that each of these special men and women have set for the industry,” said Harris. “It is more than evident that Mr. B’s fosters a sense of pride among their employees, promotes from within and stresses the importance of jobs within the industry.”

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