Tuesday, September 9, 2014

4 ways Facebook advertising can help increase your restaurant sales

If you have a Facebook page, you may know that the social media giant has made changes to how it displays posts in the Newsfeed, reducing the number of people who see posts from business Pages, even those they have previously Liked. While still an effective way to communicate with your guests, the changes to Facebook’s formula mean that your posts may be reaching fewer people than in the past. 

Consequently, it’s time for restaurant marketers to look more closely at Facebook ads. Fishbowl’s SM3 team has been managing Facebook ads for clients for some time and they know they work.  

Here are some ways to use Facebook ads to make every dollar count:

Acquire new Facebook Fans living near your restaurant. Because Facebook can geo-target its advertising, you won’t have to worry about your California restaurant spending ad dollars to reach Florida or Ohio. It’s cost effective: You can generally acquire targeted Likes for under $1 each.

Broaden your Reach. Because of the Facebook changes, not all of your Fans will see offers or promotions you add to your page. But with Facebook ads, not only will you reach more of your current Fans – you can also reach new guests. Typically, spending $5 or $10 to promote a post ensures that thousands of people see it.

Increase online reservations. A Facebook ad doesn’t just have to drive fans to your website; you can have them make reservations right from Facebook. It’s a big benefit when your goal is driving more reservations.

Drive traffic to your website for catering, private parties, or takeout. If you have higher ticket offerings, like catering or private parties, you might want to spend your ad dollars pushing guests to these specific areas of your website.

Despite the changes in how Facebook displays your posts, the platform remains important for your social media marketing. We know from experience how effective Facebook ads can be for restaurant marketers. Just make sure you know and follow Fishbowl’s best practices.

For more information about Fishbowl’s suite of restaurant services to help you increase your sales, call Amy Plumley at (703) 836-3421.

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