Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LRA SIF rewards claims free track records

For 15 years, safety dividends and safety awards have been distributed to Louisiana Restaurant Association Self Insurer’s Fund (LRA SIF) members. Those who had a loss ratio that didn’t exceed 50 percent, attended a safety seminar or webinar and implemented a written safety program received a dividend in December. In addition, safety awards are distributed annually to members who have filed no claims during the entire previous year, which many of them display in their establishments as a point of pride.

Stan Harris
“Seventy-four percent of LRA SIF members met the challenge and received a safety award this year,” said Stan Harris, LRA SIF President/CEO. “It is evident that the majority of LRA SIF members promote and provide a safe working environment for their staff.”

Updates to LRA SIF safety dividend criteria began this year. Given the resounding success of the use of the Second Injury Board Knowledge Questionnaire to recover claims costs for pre-existing injuries, the LRA SIF Board of Trustees voted to make it mandatory in 2013 as part of our safety dividend requirements for members to have this questionnaire completed for all of its employees.

As part of your new hire orientation, this will help identify in writing any pre-existing conditions that if known, may result in the Second Injury Fund covering a significant portion of a claim that ultimately can impact your workers’ comp rates.

Having a post-accident drug and alcohol testing policy can certainly reduce your workers’ comp exposure. Say you have an employee who gets high and then turns around and cuts his finger while using the meat slicer. If you have a post-accident drug and alcohol testing policy in place and the employee tests positive in excess of the limits, the employer may not be fully responsible for the entire claims costs.
Effective Jan. 1 2013, to receive a safety dividend, you must meet all five of the criteria which include:
  • Loss ratio must not exceed 50 percent
  • Written company safety program
  • Attendance at annual safety seminar or webinar
  • Second Injury Board Knowledge Questionnaire on file for every new employee; and
  • Written post-accident drug and alcohol testing policy in place for every employee and used.

Want to get started or make sure you’re eligible for your safety dividend? Contact your LRA Sales Representative or the LRA SIF Loss Prevention Dept. at 504-454-2277.
Don’t have your workers’ compensation coverage through the LRA SIF? Why not? For more than 30 years, the LRA SIF has provided workers’ compensation to the hospitality industry. Call us today to get a quote—you could start saving money tomorrow!


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