Thursday, September 5, 2013

Get your Alcohol Server Permit online for the first time in Louisiana

For years, if you needed a Responsible Vendor Permit, or a bar card, you had to go to a class and take it in person. The process went something like this: find a class, register, clear your schedule, drive there, pay, take the course, take the test and get your permit mailed a few weeks later.

Now, thanks to the efforts of the National and Louisiana Restaurant Associations, ServSafe Alcohol, online server training has arrived, for the first time, in the Bayou State! It’s convenient, interactive, state-approved, available 24/7 and costs just $30.

Restaurant servers, bartenders, and convenience and grocery store cashiers must have an alcohol server permit according to Louisiana law. A permit is good for four years, before it expires and the server has to repeat the course.

Videos, case studies and quizzes help you retain the lessons during the 2-3 hour ServSafe Alcohol course, which can be taken anywhere you have internet access and a PC.

From the alcohol content of wine, beer and spirits, how alcohol is absorbed in the body and then leaves the body, to the factors that affect someone’s blood alcohol content (BAC), servers will gain the knowledge needed to serve alcohol safely and responsibly.

Communication is a big focus of the ServSafe Alcohol online training course and is the responsibility of all employees—managers, doorstaff, valets, security staff, servers and bartenders. It’s the central theme throughout the training and staff communications can reduce intoxication, altercations and accidents.

Permits are issued by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol Tobacco Control and once you’ve passed the course, your printable ServSafe Alcohol Certificate is acceptable until your permit is received. 

This is the online approved online course in Louisiana! Visit to learn more or take your course today.

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