Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heartland Payment Systems® Launches Mobuyle™ Restaurant Mobile Payment Acceptance Solution for Apple iOS Mobile Devices

Heartland Payment Systems (HPS), one of the nation’s largest payments processors, just made it easier for restaurateurs to accept/process card payments anywhere inside and outside a restaurant by unveiling its Mobuyle mobile payment acceptance solution for Apple iOS mobile devices, enabling merchants to take credit, debit and gift card payments on the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. This release follows the successful launch and adoption of Mobuyle for restaurants Android version and Mobuyle for retail iOS and Android versions.

“Technology innovations in restaurants has arrived in the restaurant industry with the use of tablets and iPads for ordering and is one of the top trends in 2012,” said Wendy Waren, VP of Communications for the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA). “This payment option technology makes the closing out process for restaurant staff and guests much more efficient.”

As one of the first secure, mobile payment applications fully designed and developed by a leading card payments processor, Mobuyle can be used by existing HPS card restaurant merchants (new HPS merchants must open an account) by downloading the free application from Apple’s App Store and purchasing a Mobuyle Encrypting Card Reader from HPS (866) 427-0804.  Merchants just plug the reader into an Apple mobile device audio jack and swipe cards to process customer transactions from anywhere inside or outside a restaurant.

“Restaurant merchants need payment acceptance capabilities from just about anywhere,” said Mike English, executive director of product development for HPS, which is endorsed by the National Restaurant Association and 45 state restaurant associations including the LRA. “By accepting credit, debit and gift card payments through Apple iOS mobile devices, Mobuyle enables restaurateurs and their staff to enhance the overall customer experience.”

Simple to use, Mobuyle puts full terminal capabilities into the hands of restaurant staff while also enabling them to accept card payments with Store and Forward (SAF) functionality, giving them the ability to accept payments, even if they are out of range of cellular coverage or WiFi access.  These robust capabilities allow servers to accept tableside card payments while also expanding restaurateurs’ payment options to coincide with their business offerings, including:
  • Pay at the table – waiters and waitresses can accept convenient tableside payment with customer tip entry and electronic signature capture.
  • Curbside pickup – speeds up the transaction process by allowing food runners/servers to accept car-side payments without having to go back into a restaurant to process a payment.
  • Catering – enables restaurateurs with catering services to accept card payments onsite during an event and the embedded SAF functionality is beneficial at isolated or remote locations/venues.
  • Delivery services – instead of paying more for card-not-present transactions, restaurateurs can now equip their delivery drivers with Mobuyle to accept payments at the door of a food delivery. 
With Mobuyle, restaurant merchants pay rates similar to those for traditional card processing, which is more cost-effective than paying a higher, flat fee for all transactions like some other providers charge. In accordance with The Merchant Bill of Rights and its advocacy for the clear, straightforward presentation of processing costs, Heartland follows an interchange-plus pricing model which passes card brand fees directly through to the merchant and charges processing fees separately.  Restaurateurs also save money by working with HPS directly and bypassing third-party provider fees.

For restaurant customers, Mobuyle has tip capability that allows them to include a tip and then digitally sign their receipt before it’s printed or emailed to them.  Additionally, the various convenient payment options reduce the opportunity for skimming, as the card never leaves the customer’s sight.

To further ensure security, Mobuyle converts customer payment data into random characters using AES encryption, the most secure encryption available.  Sensitive cardholder data is encrypted from the moment of card swipe or keyed entry throughout the transaction process. This protects cardholder data as well as merchants by augmenting their PCI compliance.

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