Monday, May 7, 2012

The restaurant industry's "Hunger to Serve"

We continue to be amazed at the volume of charity events here in Louisiana. From religious, civic, non-profits, industry events and even one-offs, there’s a wide spectrum of options for a restaurateur to take part in and no shortage of solicitations for their food donations, special program participation or cash contributions.

“In the past year alone, nearly $3 billion worth of resources flowed from restaurants out into their communities,” said Dawn Sweeney, President/CEO of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the NRA Education Foundation. “This is standard practice for restaurants, which are woven into the fabric of every town, neighborhood and crossroads in this nation.”

The restaurant industry has a long tradition of direct participation, particularly in local activities. Restaurateurs naturally reach out to help those who are experiencing hard times by rallying their employees and customers to fund drives, meal programs, volunteering at rebuilding projects and other acts of generosity. The NRA video within this post gives an overview of the restaurant industry's "Hunger to Serve."

“Just a few weeks ago, Louisiana restaurateur Greg Reggio and his partners, Hans Limburg and Gary Darling, known as the Taste Buds, were recognized by the NRA for several such events, where they gathered their fellow industry peers,” said Stan Harris, Louisiana Restaurant Association President/CEO. “They saw the devastating impact tornadoes had on Joplin. Mo. and Tuscaloosa, Ala. last year and rallied the troops to go feed the communities.”

For the Taste Buds’ efforts, they received the NRA’s Restaurant Neighbor Award. Another notable recipient of the NRA Award in 2006 was past LRA Chairman Tommy Cvitanovich, who fed his community at no cost, including first responders, following Hurricane Katrina.

The total dollar value of charitable contributions by restaurateurs is striking,” added Sweeney. “As a percent of total sales, restaurant charitable contributions represent an average of 0.5 percent of total sales, which is especially impressive considering that operators’ average income before taxes is typically four to six percent of sales.”

Ninety-eight percent of restaurant operators that make charitable contributions give to local causes. Twenty-eight percent contribute to national causes and four percent support international charities.
Dine Out for No Kid Hungry is Sept. 16-22, 2012.
In 2011, more than 100 restaurants in Louisiana participated in the Share Our Strength’s Dine Out for No Kid Hungry. This September 16-22, 2012, restaurateurs can boost business and help end childhood hunger in America by joining Dine Out for No Kid Hungry.

“Restaurants report sales increases, average coupon redemption rates of 20 percent high employee morale and customer satisfaction during this annual fundraising campaign,” said Molly Burke, No Kid Hungry Campaign Manager.

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