Wednesday, January 21, 2015

LRA honors 10 Restaurant Legends at Chris' Poboys in Lafayette

The Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) is pleased to name 10 Restaurant Legends from Chris’ Poboys in Lafayette. The recipients were recognized at the LRA Acadiana Chapter Restaurant Legends Banquet at the Petroleum Club of Lafayette, January 19, 2015.

The Restaurant Legends Award recognizes the long-term dedication of employees of the restaurant industry, with 20 or more years of service at one establishment.

With 282 combined years of experience and service at Chris’ Poboys, these men and women exemplify the satisfaction of making their jobs a lifelong and rewarding career.

They are:
  • Shirley Barlow, dine-in manager, employed for 35 years
  • Donna Brantley, general manager (Ambassador location), employed for 32 years
  • Michael Carpenter, general manager (Moss location), employed for 20 years
  • Trula DiSalvo, kitchen manager, employed for 24 years
  • Charlotte Doyle, server, employed for 30 years
  • Cynthia Dronet, fry cook, employed for 29 years
  • Denise Gaudin, server, employed for 29 years
  • Margaret Mouton, salad chef, employed for 20 years
  • Donna Nassans, server, employed for 34 years
  • Garrett O’Conner, general manager (Pinhook location), employed for 29 years
These recipients join more than 130 individuals in our state recognized by the LRA through its Restaurant Legends program. Collectively, these industry professionals have more than 4,000 years of service to Louisiana restaurants and suppliers.

“You will not find employees more dedicated and unselfish than these men and women,” said Richard Rivet, owner of Chris’ Poboys. “I could not run my restaurants without them; they are my family and are so deserving of this award.”


  1. How wonderful for a company , big or small, to recognize the hard work and dedication of his/her employees....thanks

  2. Congrats to your employees Riv.