Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Infographic: Who is a typical restaurant worker?

Question: Who is today’s typical restaurant employee?

Answer: It really depends on the job.

The restaurant industry - the nation's second-largest private sector employer - offers a wide range of jobs. As one of the most diverse industries in America, it provides opportunities for individuals at all career levels and life stages. However, while some common traits exist across the industry, the industry’s workforce demographics can vary quite a bit by job position.

The National Restaurant Association’s analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey data offers a snapshot of our industry’s make-up: who holds what job, from supervisors to managers to chefs to cooks and bartenders.

For example, today’s typical chef is between 30 and 49 years old and lives in a household without children; 56 percent are minorities, and 44 percent are born outside of the United States. In contrast, a typical bartender is under 30 and not head of his or her household; 20 percent are minorities and 19 percent speak a language other than English at home.

See our infographic to learn more about whom the typical restaurant employee is and the different job or position he or she holds (click to enlarge).

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