Monday, June 16, 2014

Why color is the main ingredient for brand integrity

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Choosing a specific color or palette of colors for your restaurant's brand can be a daunting task. Ultimately, your brand's color will define your image as a business. When a person sees a particular color, he or she relates to it in certain ways. One color might make a person feel refreshed and relaxed, while another might make him or her think of stressful situations or powerful moments. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the tone of your menu and atmosphere of your restaurant before making a decision on the primary color of your brand.

Why is color important for my brand?
  • Color defines your brand's perception, and consistency of that color is key. Color consistency builds trust among your customers and increases the value of your brand.
  • Color consistency also eliminates confusion surrounding your brand. People will recognize your brand and know what your company stands for when you achieve color consistency.
  • Color consistency provides you with a better competitive advantage. It allows you to stand out against your competition, which might not manage its branding as strongly.

How can I achieve color consistency success in my printed material?
  • Choose a qualified printer. Not every printing company understands the importance of color consistency when it comes to brand management. Find a print provider that specializes in color management and is G7 certified. Be certain your print provider has a dedicated team to ensure color consistency across all print devices and substrates.
  • Choose one trustworthy print provider and stick with that provider. That eliminates the risk of printed items not matching each other.
  • Always establish a “golden master” either as LAB color, or use Pantone colors in your artwork. Make sure your provider knows to match to them. Pantone is a standardized color reproduction system in the form of a printed guide and allows your print provider to have an accurate reference for matches.
  • Make sure you have greater brand control by using a marketing asset management tool. It allows you to better manage your marketing and brand identity in one place, giving you the control you need over your brand.

There's much to consider when it comes to choosing a brand color for your restaurant, and knowing your target demographic can help. Many brand managers don't realize senior citizens are drawn to blue and green. If that’s the group who frequent your restaurant the most, it might be something to consider when creating your branding strategy.

Perhaps you don't have a set demographic, and you generally want to attract a wide range of diverse diners. In that case, blue might be the color for you. Adults worldwide favor blue more than any other color. Once you decide on a color for your brand, stick with it, own it, and develop your brand around it. That’s the first major decision you have to make when launching your brand identity, and it will have a big impact on the overall success of your restaurant.

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