Monday, July 14, 2014

#LRAEXPO14 Exhibitors: 4 ways to enhance your brand’s presence at the tradeshow

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Make your brand stand out at trade shows, food fairs and festivals. Most visitors pass by your booth or table only once, so you need to grab their attention immediately. Generally, you have three to five seconds to do so. Here are some ways to stand out:

Spend time and effort on graphics and messaging. Working with professional designers and contractors who build trade show booths, as well as printers and copywriters. Copywriters can help you create a slogan or tag line for your brand that will really stick. Make sure it interests attendees at first glance so they stop by to learn more.

Create an experience at your booth. Make your booth stand out by creating a fun experience that allows visitors to engage with your brand. Trade show games with prizes and photo booths create buzz and draw attention – often just because of the crowd.

Entice them to return. Even if you have a great booth design, contest or samples, there’s no guarantee attendees will think about you after they walk away. That’s why it’s important to do something that makes them think about you later. For example, if you offer a photo booth, include a code and text on the picture to drive them to your website. When visitors enter the code on your site, they receive a discount on your product or service. That encourages them to visit your booth, hang out for a while and return to your brand later.

Capture their contact information. Invest in a small scanner so you can easily capture their contact to information to follow up and potentially create a long-term relationship.

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