Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Restaurant Association offers training DVDs on harassment prevention, social media use and customer service

The National Restaurant Association has released three new DVDs that offer best practices in dealing with harassment and discrimination, customer service training, and a first of its kind video guide on the use of social media.

The DVDs were created especially to appeal to mid-market and small chain operations. The video series is designed to help owners and managers teach their employees how to provide exceptional customer service; prevent harassment and discrimination; and employee responsibility when representing their brand or their customers on social media platforms.

“These DVDs are designed to educate and train restaurant and foodservice employees dealing with important workplace issues,” said Sara Anderson, the NRA’s restaurant programs manager. “The DVDs are broadly drawn to avoid conflicts with organizations’ standard operating procedures and also offer specific information that could help prevent potential situations that are hurtful to a business’ reputation or costly legal battles.”

The DVDs range between 11 and 22 minutes in length. The topics include: 
  • Preventing Harassment & Discrimination, a training course for restaurant employees that explains clearly and effectively how to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Being Social Media Smart, which explains how social media platforms can allow private information to become public fast, and teaches employees how to be responsible when representing their companies online 
  • Customer Service Training, which instructs employees on how to deliver an exceptional customer service experience and know how to react in difficult situations

The DVDs are available for sale on the ServSafe website. For more information about these products, call (312) 715-1010 or e-mail ServSafe@restaurant.org.

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