Monday, December 1, 2014

Benefits of electronic payments for your alcohol purchases

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Alcohol trends in restaurants closely follow today’s food trends: local sourcing, food-cocktail pairings and fresh ingredients.

While alcohol is an instrumental part of many restaurants’ success, the rules and regulations of the alcohol industry are as complex as ever, varying both by state and by product. Whether you operate in more than one state or own a casual or fine-dining establishment, the alcohol purchasing and payment process is always complex and cumbersome.

Electronic payment and data systems can streamline alcohol payment-processing, compliance and reconciliation. They also can help you operate more efficiently, spend more time with your customers and worry less about deliveries. Here are some other benefits:

•   Eliminates the need to pay cash on delivery or write checks and money orders
•   Replaces prepaid and escrow accounts
•   Speeds deliveries by an average of 15 minutes
•   Guarantees invoices are paid on time and according to state regulations
•   Allows you to track purchases with electronic reporting and customized data files
•   Heightens security and loss and fraud prevention

This article was contributed by NRA partner Fintech, a secure, convenient method of electronic payment and data for alcohol purchases. 

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