Monday, October 14, 2013

ICYMI: LRA SIF lowers workers’ comp rates AGAIN

For the third time in four years, the Louisiana Restaurant Association Self Insurer’s Fund for workers’ compensation is lowering its rates! If you’re a restaurant, hospitality-related business or a supplier to the industry, the LRA SIF can quote your workers’ comp.

Just last week, we saved a restaurant owner more than $2,000 on his premium costs. Wouldn’t you at least let the LRA SIF give you a comparison quote?  
You may be wondering how this is possible, especially when many providers in our state have taken rate increases? The commitment of our members who focus on reducing claims cost and promoting a culture of safety in the workplace helped to produce this result.

This reduction provides members of the LRA SIF with added value and potential for savings. The LRA SIF has a 31-year track record of serving the industry’s workers’ comp needs with effective in-house claims management that prepares workers to return to work sooner, resolves claims efficiently.
By the way, workers’ compensation coverage is required in Louisiana and applies to any enterprise in the state regardless of the number of employees. The LRA SIF’s complimentary loss prevention resources can provide workplace solutions on how to improve best practices in a hospitality environment.

Spend a few minutes gathering this information to speed up the quote process: class codes, payroll amount, MOD and your loss runs.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now to learn how the LRA SIF can help you reduce your workers’ compensation costs and to get a quote. Call the LRA Member Services at (504) 454-2277 today!

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