Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day is upon us and there are nine Constitutional Amendments on the ballot

Tomorrow, you will have the right to exercise your vote for the president of the United States. Due to redistricting, there are two Congressional races up for a vote of the people. Candidates have been campaigning for months now and while you may know who will win your vote in these largely publicized races, we cannot forget the nine Constitutional Amendments that will also be on the ballot. These are formal changes to the text of the written constitution of Louisiana.

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana is an independent, non-partisan review that offers a guide to the 2012 Constitutional Amendments. Issues that you will be called upon to decide are: whether or not to allow state government to sweep the Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly, strict scrutiny review for gun laws, forfeiture of public retirement benefits for convicted public servants, membership of certain board and commissions and term limits for school board members, among several others.

Take a few moments to review the PAR Guide to Constitutional Amendments before you head to the polls. 
Recently, President/CEO Stan Harris encouraged Louisiana Restaurant Association members to reflect on these personal decisions here.

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