Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Louisiana Kitchen magazine premiere issue out now

Louisiana Kitchen Inaugural Edition
May/June 2012.Photo by David Gallent
Gracing the first cover of the new magazine, Louisiana Kitchen, is world renowned Chef John Folse and Chicago’s Chef Rick Tramonto, a James Beard Award winner, holding a gorgeous plate of grilled shrimp with chorizo hominy stew. In the inaugural issue, more than 90 recipes from chefs spanning Louisiana are featured, but we noticed Louisiana crawfish ruled.

“Last fall when I had to choose between moving back to the West Coast or launching a magazine here, Our Kitchen and Culture, LLC was born,” said Publisher Susan Ford. “Louisiana Kitchen will give you a cultural experience through intelligent, informed commentary, lush photography, cutting-edge design, and provide you recipes for meals you can produce to share in that experience.”
The theme that carries through the 96-page Louisiana Kitchen is deeper than just the food we eat. It’s the bond we share over the restaurant table, at the dining room buffet during a holiday or standing around the table at a crawfish boil. The authentic and evolutionary marriage of the seven nations that create a wonderful, imaginative Louisiana smorgasbord is only what it is because of the cultural influences of the people that created it and continue the traditions.

“Louisiana’s kitchens are crowded places,” said Jyl Benson, Editor in Chief. “We keep our ancestors, generations and generations of them, at our sides as we perform those culinary rituals that are ours alone. We share with others, very often strangers, because we are generous people.”
The issue is full of beautiful photography that captures the brilliant color and succulence of Louisiana’s world-renowned cuisine. Prepare to mark recipes that you’ll no doubt want to share with your family and friends.

The Louisiana Restaurant Association is pleased to have a publication as unique as Louisiana Kitchen available to individuals near and far to further the Bayou State's brand. This publication will take you on a journey across the state while bringing you stories of people that, in their own way, have made an indelible mark on those around them and help weave the fabric of our beautiful state.

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  1. Thank you for such a great review! I can't tell you what it means to hear that people really like what we've produced. Unveiling it to the world has been nerve-wracking.